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Friday, 03 July 2015

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Uppies up

THE Uppies struck the first blow in the annual Uppies and Downies contest in Workington. David Shepherd scored first. The final match of this “football game with few rules” takes place on Saturday at 2.30pm

Last updated 31 March 2005
Published by http://www.whitehaven-news.co.uk

Up and over?

THE traditional Uppies and Downies match kicks-off on Workington’s Cloffocks tomorrow (Friday) at 6.30pm. There are fears it will be the last one before the land is redeveloped

Last updated 19 March 2008
Published by http://www.whitehaven-news.co.uk

Uppies look for their first win in five years

WORKINGTON’S traditional Uppies and Downies games begin tonight

Last updated 25 March 2005
Published by http://www.timesandstar.co.uk

Uppies aiming to clinch Workington ball game series

Uppies could clinch the 2009 series if they defeat the Downies in the second clash in Workington tonight

Last updated 14 April 2009
Published by http://www.newsandstar.co.uk

Live: Uppies and Downies Saturday 2013

Can the Uppies avoid a series whitewash? Join us from 6pm for all of the action from the final game of the 2013 Uppies and Downies ball game series

Last updated 6 April 2013
Published by http://www.newsandstar.co.uk

Breast Cancer Care event

A CHARITY night organised by the Uppies and Downies fundraising committee in Workington will take place on Friday night

Last updated 25 April 2006
Published by http://www.newsandstar.co.uk

Uppies and Downies in big decider

HUNDREDS of Workington residents will today flock to The Cloffocks for what could be the last game of the legendary Uppies and Downies tradition

Last updated 29 March 2008
Published by http://www.newsandstar.co.uk

Downies avoid whitewash in Workington ball game series

The Downies salvaged their pride in the last game of Workington’s Uppies and Downies 2010 series on Saturday

Last updated 12 April 2010
Published by http://www.newsandstar.co.uk

Council should stop Workington Uppies and Downies

IN ITS Corporate Improvement Plan 2008-2011 Allerdale Borough Council lists six strategic priorities.

Last updated 19 July 2009
Published by http://www.timesandstar.co.uk

Uppies and Downies talk

MOORCLOSE Library in Workington will host a reminiscence event on Thursday.

Last updated 25 March 2008
Published by http://www.newsandstar.co.uk

New sites for Workington's Uppies and Downies statues

Workington's Uppies and Downies statues are to be moved to new locations after repeated vandalism

Last updated 20 June 2014
Published by http://www.timesandstar.co.uk

Can the Uppies level the series against the Downies?

History was made for one Workington family in the first of the town’s Easter mass football Uppies and Downies games

Last updated 22 April 2014
Published by http://www.newsandstar.co.uk

Downies win this year's Workington Uppies and Downies series

The Downies won the second game of the Uppies and Downies series after more than four hours of deadlock with their rivals last night

Last updated 27 April 2011
Published by http://www.newsandstar.co.uk

Uppies win second match

WORKINGTON Town player Jamie Beaumont hailed the ball for the Uppies last night, winning the 2007 Uppies and Downies series for the side

Last updated 11 April 2007
Published by http://www.timesandstar.co.uk

VIDEO: Uppies swipe 2012 series of Uppies and Downies game

Uppies bagged themselves a controversial third game win in the mass football game to win the series

Last updated 16 April 2012
Published by http://www.timesandstar.co.uk

Uppies seize 2006 crown

THE Uppies claimed victory in the final game of this season with the Downies in Workington on Saturday – and walked away with the 2006 title

Last updated 24 April 2006
Published by http://www.newsandstar.co.uk

The highs and lows of Uppies and Downies

THE game of Uppies and Downies has no set rules, but the Uppies – from the top end of town – have to carry the ball by hand to the gates of Workington Hall to claim a victory. The Downies, who represent families from the Marsh and Quay area of town, have to get it to the lighthouse at the end

Last updated 27 March 2008
Published by http://www.newsandstar.co.uk

Uppies seal series win

THE Uppies beat the Downies in Workington's traditional Easter games last night to seal a 2-1 series victory (2 comments)

Last updated 30 March 2008
Published by http://www.newsandstar.co.uk


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